PhD Opportunity: Anaesthesia

Despite being using for over 170 years, the mechanism of how general anaesthetics work is still a mystery. It is no longer believed that it is as simple as going to 'sleep', how is it then that these wonder drugs cause a complete and utter loss of consciousness and responsiveness to the outside world?


 A PhD project is available to study the mechanisms of anaesthesia using a variety of behavioural assays and advanced microscopy techniques. Using genetically varied Drosophila flies, we have developed techniques from measuring whole brain activity right down to a single molecule and you will use these tools to investigate the effects of anaesthetic drugs.

Identifying key presynaptic and postsynaptic targets of these drugs and how they alter responsiveness will be the underlying research involved for this project.

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Trapping of Syntaxin1a in Presynaptic Nanoclusters by a Clinically Relevant General Anesthetic

Bademosi, A et al.

Cell Reports 2018