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Deniz Ertekin, PhD Student

B. Science, MPhil

About me

After the distinct lack of kangaroos in my previous research institutions in America, Austria, Germany and Turkey, I was pleasantly surprised by the native fauna available within a short drive of the Van Swinderen lab. When I’m not in the lab or volunteering for science outreach organisations, I spend most of my time upside down doing yoga and hanging out with my cat.

We all know that getting a good night sleep and eating healthy foods is crucial for both our physical and mental health. Yet, most of us choose to sacrifice our sleep time and/or eat fast food to keep up with our busy schedules. There is growing evidence that this increase in unhealthy lifestyles is the driving cause of many metabolic disorders, including type 2 diabetes. My research aims to investigate these complex interactions between diet and sleep in detail and more importantly how these might influence cognitive functions.