UQ Profile

UQ Profile

Julius Alpay, MPhil Student

B. Biomedical Science

About me

I’m a fairly active person and love outdoor activities (especially hiking) as well as playing almost every sport, this not only keeps me feeling healthy but also allows me to limit health risks that would negatively affect my well-being.


While this ideal is a driver for my daily life as its the example I want to set for my kids but also due mostly to risk aversion, my attention is always drawn to the instantaneous rewards of KFC and motorbikes, which are somewhat in opposition to the first ideal.

My current project is aimed at designing a robust learning paradigm that will allow exogenous modulation of specific neuronal circuits to aid in investigating which circuits have an effect on selective attention and subsequent decision making. Furthermore, I want to know whether manipulation of these circuits can affect future decisions and thus imply their involvement in learning and memory.

If I understand how the brain filters attention and how this drives decision making and learning, I wonder if it can help me understand why I tend to make decisions that are in opposition to the health risk averse ideal I ascribe to on a daily basis.